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Code Together

Right Now

JS: Using Objects for Lookups

Hello friends, I'm getting back to learning how to code after a 6 month break. I'm not going to have a lot of time, but will try to post new things I'm learning about as often as possible. Currently I'm learning JS on Freecodecamp, starting from the very basics....

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Action Cable Tutorials

Here is a list of the best recent Action Cable Tutorials I could find: Real-Time Rails: Implementing WebSockets in Rails 5 with Action Cable - 2016, Chat app The Practical Guide to Using ActionCable - 2017, fitting ActionCable into a SaaS-like Rails app Learning Creating a chat using Rails' Action Cable - 2015,...

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Vagrant Snapshot Tutorial

Hi, here is a small tutorial on how to make Vagrant snapshots (Vagrant backups). Snapshot is a saved state of a system at a particular time point that allows you to return to that state in case you need it. This lets you experiment and try things and quickly...

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Comet, Pub Sub, ActionCable

Comet and Pub/Sub and their implementations in the Rails ActionCable framework. Comet Comet is a technology (a web application model) that allows sending data to he client without any requests from the client side. The server decides when and what data it wants to transfer to the client. Alternative name of...

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How to install DBeaver on Ubuntu

Untitled Why DBeaver Recently I was looking for a simple free database viewer for PostgreSQL on Ubutu 16.04. I failed to catch up on PgAdmin3, but came across a topic on HN where various GUI tools for PostgreSQL were discussed: Postage – A fast replacement for pgAdmin These 2 options looked...

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How to install the bootstrap-sass gem

Add bootstrap-sass gem to the Gemfile: gem 'bootstrap-sass', '~> 3.3', '>= 3.3.6' or install it from your terminal: gem install bootstrap-sass -v 3.3.6 Restart the server (ctrl+c, rails s) to make the files available through the pipeline Rename file extension app/assets/stylesheets/application.css to .scss In the bottom of this file (don't...

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